January 31, 2011


Wey dikk, kau penting2 kot. Haha :)
sayang lah jugak kat kau
walaupun tak banyak  hahaha.
jaga diri kau elok!
PMR kan tahun ne
sepak kau kalau kau tak lulus!

p/s : Nakal kau nie
try to be a good boy eh dik

January 30, 2011

there, always here doing a homework!

just only YOU, the very closer cousin

cry together;
laughed together;
and we also take care of ATUK together

p/s ; bwekkkk!!!!!

cannot sleep very well at all just worried about his condition, always coughing make me feel nervous so much. Be very patient in take care of him. Hope he will get well as soo as possible.